Inside development



Becomes an inside development manufactured of us which stands alone on bowling lanes, designed according to your wishes individual.

Begun by acoustics blankets over floor coverings, facilities and special makings up to a quiet wall covering they become completely use.

The individual design of your bowling lane isn't a problem for us.

Blankets in this half-round misplaced, figure transfer of wall coverings and dry making, are general high-grade steel disguisings, our strength at a reasonable price!

The acoustics is therefore for the bowling lane making just as importantly, as the train itself, trust be able to you look back at a lot of experience on experts the just at bowling lanes.

A ninepin hall also sounded like a hall where the time is over already.

The skittle-players feel very comfortable also in a so-called living room atmosphere. If one wants to accomplish good performances, one must himself feel comfortable. For leisure time, this is both like also for sports skittle-players valid.

What the sports and leisure skittle-player wants to have a lot of fun with the sports in homely surroundings offers you everything pro-Tec bowling.