The Schmidt ninepin plate of K800 E is the in a thousand ways approved technique of yesterday, today and tomorrow!



The evidence:

With over 70,000 sold pieces is the K800 E ninepin plates of the world most still sold to it. Furthermore a permanent product care and corresponding further developments give the K800 E the advantages which the skittle-player very much values at it so and these he usually wouldn't like to miss!

* optimal case results * quiet centering * high smooth running *
* high operational safety *first-class disentanglement


Connected with the most modern control technique by pro-Tec bowling the ninepin luxury arises




The high desk manufactured in color in solid beech wood freely eligible for office, size and filling!

The PC control game report expression raked for the entire plant, incl. games for private skittle-players, fully automatic game expiry and DKB.

The ninepin display in the color freely eligible for office on request with player named advertisement and integrated promotional run light!

Quiet ball collecting boxes in different decoration. Robust materials, best manual processing, completely new design and a much different one make the new finals of pro-Tec a piece of jewelry in every plant
An optimal adaptation to the inside design of your plant is natural for us..



The team counting device with throw and wood difference indication.


The printer is small but fine. Installed into the using desk is it extremely quiet, fast and thriftily in the paper consumption. It only needs approx. 8 cm of paper for 50 played throws. It creates this only due to its horizontal notation.



  • Communicate with home/guest and graphic display with
  • RS 485 converter to the train connection
  • on up to 16 trains, up to 3 competitions simultaneous
  • up to 4-fold graphic possible, i.e. 1 x PC for one 4 train plant with 4 x TFT monitor
  • Private games containing 5 extra
  • Player and organization database
  • Expressions of all common game reports (incl. International)

PC technology for bowling lanes