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Pro-Tec bowling passes since 1995 and has since then a rapid development behind herself!

The product Pro-Tec bowling was built by skittle-players for skittle-players, provides in skittle-player circles furore already since its introduction!

A constant further development of the ultra-modern control technique, connected with first-class manual work at assembly and service led already soon in its Bavarian native country to a high recognition at the sports skittle-players.

Pro-Tec ninepin sports facilities run from the lowest class up to the national league (RV 2005) today and still provide enthusiasm and sensation at skittle-players. Also in Austria.

Slovakia Czechia and is pro-Tec bowling already one concept and enjoys a broad diversified acceptance.

Technical unusual features the one at expensive for the competition must pay or doesn't get at all at pro-Tec bowling are a matter of course.


Your advantage at pro-Tec bowling:

Everything being executed in a technical top quality at a hand, perfect technology, the inside development and the assembly. The reasonably priced and first-class service rounds off the whole thing.

Guarantee more than 25 years experience in the bowling lane making a reasonably priced top product!